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Node.js 5.0.0 Beta features table


This option is in beta. Beta status means the option might change or act unexpectedly. By using this option, you agree to the Contrast Beta Terms and Conditions.

This page reflects the supported technologies and capabilities of the latest version available on unless otherwise specified in the notes.


Supported versions



  • Node.js LTS version 16, 18, 20*

  • Processor support - Apple M1/M2, Intel/AMD (AMD64)

  • Operating System Support - Windows Server, Windows 10/11, MacOS, Linux (Debian, CentOS, etc)

  • PM2

  • System requirements for the Node.js agent

  • *Added support for Node 20.5.0 and later

Language versions

NPM version

  • >= 8.5.5

Application frameworks

Database drivers and object-relational mapping (ORM)

  • MarsDB. No longer maintained but required by the JuiceShop vulnerable app.

  • Mongoose 6.X, 7.X

  • MongoDB 2.2.36, 3.3.0 and later, 4.X, 5.X. Compatible with database versions 4.X, 5.X, 6.X.

  • MySQL2 2.0.0 and later. Compatible with MySQL database versions 5.6.51, 5.7.X and 8.0.X.

  • MSSQL 6.4.0 and later

  • Postgres driver 7.5.0 and later; 8.X

  • Sequelize 5.X (this is deprecated by the maintainer); 6.X

  • SQLite3 driver 4.X. Compatible with database versions 3.26.0 and later. This is mainly for JuiceShop and demo apps, SQLite is not a “production” database.

  • MongoDB 2.2.36 is only supported because it is required by the NodeGoat vulnerable application.

  • SQLite and MarsDB are not for use in production and are only supported to enable running and testing with the JuiceShop vulnerable application.

Validation Packages/Libraries

Templating Engines

Other Packages/Libraries

Additional notes:

  • Ability to demo and test JuiceShop and NodeGoat with this version: All dependencies of those apps are fully supported.

  • Capabilities/features planned for upcoming Beta versions:

    • Sources: http/2

    • Frameworks/Packages/Libraries:

      • hapi 19, 20, 21. Versions lower than 19.x not supported; 19.x has been deprecated by the maintainer.

      • DynamoDB (Assess only) AWS SDK for JavaScript: 2.X and 3.X

    • Rules:

      • XXE (Assess)

    • Configuration Options:

      • set server.type

    • Propagators:

      • Implement additional propagators not addressed in the Beta release