Supported technologies for Node.js


Supported versions


Language version

  • JavaScript ECMAScript 5 

  • JavaScript ECMAScript 6

  • TypeScript

Contrast supports Node.js LTS versions in "maintenance" status.

The Node.js LTS versions support these features for JavaScript ECMAScript5 and 6.

TypeScript is only supported if the application source code has been transpiled to ES5 and the agent is configured to point to the compiled entry point for your application.

Node.js Long-Term Support (LTS)

All versions in Active and Maintenance LTS status, currently 10 and 12

The Node.js agent doesn't support HTTP2, or other Node.js features classified as Experimental (Stability: 1).

Version status is show in Node.js Long-Term Support Release Schedule.

Operating systems

  • Linux

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • Other Unix-like systems

The agent runs in the Node.js application layer so it works on the same operating systems as Node.js.

Application frameworks

Express 4

hapi 16-19

Fastify 2

Koa 2

Kraken 2.2.0

LoopBack 3

Restify 8

If you run the agent on web frameworks that aren't supported, Contrast may produce less-specific findings than it would for supported frameworks. For example, instead of reporting that a vulnerability occurs in your application code, it may be reported within the framework code where it interfaces directly with Node.js's built-in http module.

Third party modules








Contrast doesn't guarantee support for old or deprecated versions of third-party modules.

Test suite

Node Test Benches

When changes are made to the Node.js agent, Contrast runs this battery of automated tests to ensure that it detects findings in supported technologies across all supported versions of Node. The Node Test Benches include tests that exercise the agent with all of our supported frameworks. Each framework within the monorepo is updated as Contrast adds more third-party library support to the agent.