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Manage source names

Use source names to quickly identify non-threatening, internal traffic and testing, while monitoring attack events in your organization.

You can label one or more IP addresses and subnet masks with a source name of your choice. When the source name is saved, you can see the name (rather than user IP information) by selecting Attacks > Monitor or looking on the Attacks details page. This can make it easier to identify the named attacker as a known source when assessing attack events.

To create source names:

  1. Go to the user menu > Policy management > IP management > Source names.

  2. Select Add source name.

  3. Enter the Name you want to use to identify one or more IP addresses.

  4. Add the IP address/Subnet mask to identify with this source name. Use the link to Add more IP addresses or subnet masks to the group, if necessary.

  5. Use the dropdowns to select the Start and End dates and times for the source name. You may choose to create a custom time span that starts on a past date; in this case, the source name applies retroactively to any attack events.

  6. Once the fields are completed, select Add to save the source name.

    Once a source name is added in your organization, the source name appears for attacks that match the criteria on the Monitor and Attack details pages. This will help you monitor attacks.

    If the data reported for an attack event matches more than one source name, Contrast applies the name that you updated most recently.

  7. To edit a source name later, select the source name. In the Edit source name form that opens, make changes and select Save.

  8. To delete a source name, either select the Delete icon in the Source names grid, or below the Edit source names form. Once the name is deleted, all references to the name are replaced with the IP information.