Install the Go agent without the Contrast Service


If you did not opt-in to install the Go agent without the service, then follow the install the Go agent (legacy) instructions.

You can opt-in to configure the agent to report directly to Contrast by installing the Go agent without the Contrast service.

The executable must be built using contrast-go to instrument the application with the agent. A basic installation of the Go agent consists of two parts: producing an executable and running the executable. An installation overview looks like this:

  1. Download the following and place in the proper path:

    • Go agent

    • contrast_security.yaml

      Ensure your yaml or environment variables are set to bypass:true.

          bypass: true

      Alternatively, the same feature can be enabled using environment variables:

  2. Set up appropriate permissions.

  3. Build the Go application, replacing go with contrast-go to get a final application artifact which contains the Go agent.

  4. Run the executable.

  5. Exercise and test your application.

  6. Verify that Contrast sees your application.


To see a list of available flags with command line arguments for contrast-go, type contrast-go -h.

For specific installation instructions, select one of the following options: