Include routes

You can include routes that you previously excluded. On the Route coverage page, excluded routes have a status of Excluded.

Before you begin
  • An Admin role is required.

  • Identify the excluded routes that you want to include.

  1. Select Applications in the header.

  2. Select an application name.

  3. Select the Route coverage tab.

  4. Include one or more excluded routes:

    1. To incluide a single, excluded route, hover over the end of the row and select the Re-include icon ( IncludeIcon.png).

    2. To select multiple excluded routes, use the check marks in the left column to select routes. Then, select the Re-include icon in the batch action menu at the bottom of the page.

    3. Confirm the inclusion in the Re-include route window.

    The status returns to the status the route had before you excluded it.