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Include routes

You can include routes that you previously excluded. On the Route coverage page, excluded routes have a status of Excluded.

Before you begin
  • Identify the excluded routes that you want to include.

  1. Select Applications in the header.

  2. Select an application name.

  3. Select the Route coverage tab.

  4. Display a list of excluded routes by selecting the triangle (icon-dropdown-expand.svg) at the top of the list and select Excluded.

    Image shows the dropdown icon highlighted and the Excluded filter highlighted.
  5. Include one or more excluded routes:

    1. To include a single, excluded route, hover over the end of the row and select the Re-include icon ( IncludeIcon.png).

    2. To select multiple excluded routes, use the check marks in the left column to select routes. Then, select the Re-include icon in the batch action menu at the bottom of the page.

    3. Confirm the inclusion in the Re-include route window.

    The status returns to the status the route had before you excluded it.