Configure the Contrast service

Unlike the service executable packaged with the Ruby and Python agents, the Contrast service installed by system package managers isn't preconfigured with connection parameters. Instead, you must configure the service with a YAML configuration file. Edit the /etc/contrast/contrast_security.yaml file to configure the Contrast service to connect to Contrast.

Contrast service is controlled by the configuration file located at /etc/contrast/webserver/contrast_security.yaml.

For the Proxy agent, this YAML file controls how the agent is represented to the Contrast application. The default configuration installed with the Contrast service Linux package has most necessary items filled in. In addition:

  1. Set the api properties.

  2. Configure how you want your agent represented to the Contrast application. Properties are defined as:

    • name: Override the reported server name. For example: test-server-1

    • path: Override the reported server path.

    • type: Override the reported server type. For example: Proxy

    • environment: Override the reported server environment. For example: development

  3. If this configuration has an issue or incorrect values, or the Contrast service fails to connect to Contrast, you can troubleshoot the failed connection result at /var/log/contrast/service.log.