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Chef cookbook for Contrast agents

The Contrast Chef cookbook automatically installs a Contrast agent in a specific directory under the ownership and permissions of a specified Contrast user. 

The Chef documentation describes how to set up a Chef Server.


  • A Chef Server

  • The Contrast Chef cookbook from the Chef Supermarket

  • Optional: Knife configured on your workstation

    The Chef knife command let you communicate with the Chef Server from your workstation

Integration example

This example shows the steps you might take to add a Contrast recipe to. your run-list.

  1. Open the Chef management console.

  2. Select Nodes.

  3. Select a node.

  4. Select Edit Run List.

  5. In the Edit Node Run List dialog box, drag the role or recipe from the Available Roles or Available Recipes lists to the current run-list.

  6. Select Save Run List.