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Use the .NET Framework agent with applications on Azure

Use the Contrast .NET Framework agent to analyze ASP.NET applications running on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), Azure Cloud Services, Mobile Services or Azure App Service (formerly Azure Web Sites).

To install the .NET Framework agent on Azure Virtual Machines:

  1. Set up the Azure VM or the Azure Cloud Services as you would normally, and deploy the ASP.NET applications to be analyzed.

  2. Log in to Contrast, and download the ZIP file for the .NET Framework agent.

  3. Access the Remote Desktop Azure VM or Azure Cloud Service instance.

  4. Copy the .NET Framework agent ZIP file to the Azure VM or to the Azure Cloud Services instance, and extract the archive.

  5. Run the .NET Framework agent installer (ContrastSetup.exe).

  6. Exercise the application so that Contrast can analyze it.


To install with Azure App Service (formerly Azure Web Apps), install with NuGet or Azure Portal Extension.