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Use automatic diagnostic collection

Automatic diagnostic collection lets Contrast collect diagnostic information without requiring you to find or upload this information manually. Automatic collection makes it easier for you to work with Contrast support when you are troubleshooting technical issues.


Currently, this feature is in preview mode. Contrast Support contacts you if they need this feature enabled during troubleshooting activity.

When you turn on this feature, Contrast collects logs, system data, and other diagnostic information from Contrast agents and sends them to Contrast servers. Contrast support representatives access this information during troubleshooting tasks.

Before you begin

  • Currently, only Java agents support automatic diagnostic collection.

  • The time span for diagnostic collection is one to 25 hours, based on the value you specify.


  1. Select Servers in the header.

  2. Hover over the end of the row of a server and select the diagnostic (icon-diagnostic.svg) icon.

  3. In Diagnostic collection, select the log level for the logs you want Contrast support to access:

    • Trace logs: Includes the trace messages generated during one or more sessions.

    • Debug logs: Includes information that helps to identify bugs or other issues.

    Image shows the options on the Diagnostic Collection window.
  4. Specify the collection time span, from one to 25 hours. Contrast support can advise you regarding the amount of time required for troubleshooting tasks.

  5. Select Enable diagnostic collection.

    The color of the diagnostic icon changes to green (icon-diagnostic-green.png) when you hover over the end of the server row.

  6. Select the diagnostic icon (icon-diagnostic-green.png) and copy the displayed key in Diagnostic Collection.. Give this key to your Customer support representative.

  7. To turn off diagnostic collection, repeat steps 1 and 2. Then, select Stop diagnostic collection..

    This image highlights the Stop data collection button.