Standard Installation

Maven Central

Beginning with Java agent version, Contrast releases each version of its Java agent to Maven Central using group ID com.contrastsecurity and artifact ID contrast-agent. Go to com.contrastsecurity:contrast-agent to see the releases on Maven Central.

Although the jar file you can download from the Contrast UI is preconfigured with connection parameters, you must provide Contrast connection parameters using the agent configuration properties when using the contrast-agent.jar from Maven Central.

To learn how to download the Contrast agent from Maven Central, use the following guides:

Contrast UI

To install the Java agent from the Contrast UI, complete the following steps:

  • Log in to the Contrast UI.
  • Click the button in the top navigation bar to Add Agent.
  • Select the Java agent in the dropdown menu, and click the button to Download Agent. You may need to specify proxy authentication information required by your network before downloading the agent.

  • After download, add a JVM parameter to install the Java agent.

Example: java -javaagent:contrast.jar -jar <app-name>.jar

To see examples for specific technologies, go to the Server Configuration page, and select the article for the container you want to use.

To start analyzing an application, use the web application as you normally would in your browser: click on links, submit forms using normal data, etc. The sensors of the Contrast Java agent will gather information about the application’s security, architecture and libraries. You can view the results of the agent’s analysis in the Contrast UI.

If you want to download the agent and test with WebGoat, Contrast has a public repository to help you get started.