Visual Studio Code

Contrast provides visibility of vulnerabilities found in applications and protects applications against attacks. For applications deployed with any Contrast language agent, developers can access vulnerability information directly within their Visual Studio Code environments immediately after Contrast accurately discovers security problems during functional tests. Not only does the plugin empower development teams to own security, but it also allows development teams to resolve critical issues and ship features faster.

The plugin offers developers an overview of every vulnerability found in the application. For each vulnerability, they can learn about the type of issue found and the security risk introduced. Developers can also view the HTTP request that exposed the vulnerability to Contrast. They may obtain a deeper understanding by exploring the details of data flow operations triggered by the request. Most importantly, developers receive clear and actionable guidance to remediate the vulnerability.

Additionally, the plugin offers private views so that developers can focus on the vulnerabilities that matter to them by filtering on vulnerability metadata and session metadata values.

Supported systems

Visual Studio Code versions:

  • 1.42.1 and later