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Run Contrast

To run Contrast:

  • Windows: In Windows, Contrast is installed as a system service. You can start and stop the service through the Windows Service Manager application.

  • Linux: The Contrast daemon is registered as an init.d daemon. To start and stop the server use:

    /etc/init.d/contrast-server <start|stop|restart|status>


    service contrast-server <start|stop|restart|status>

    To start the Contrast server independently of the parent shell, execute:

    nohup /path/to/installation/contrast/bin/contrast-server start >/dev/null 2>1

At this point, it's helpful to tail the server logs:

$ tail -f $CONTRAST_HOME/logs/server.log

And then the application logs:

$ tail -f $CONTRAST_HOME/logs/contrast.log

If Contrast starts successfully, you will see this message in the server.log:

190116 21.22.15,703 {} {} {} INFO  ( Received code 200 from TeamServer
190116 21.22.15,707 {} {} {} INFO  ( Server start has been verified
190116 21.22.15,709 {} {} {} INFO  ( Contrast TeamServer Ready - Took 208323ms