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Node.js telemetry

The Node.js agent uses telemetry to collect usage data. Telemetry is collected when an instrumented application first loads the agent’s sensors. Currently, data is only sent at startup. In the future, the agent will be able to send errors and metrics when the instrumented app is running and being exercised.

Your privacy is important to us. The telemetry feature does not collect application data. The data is anonymized before being sent securely to Contrast. Then the aggregated data is stored encrypted and under restricted access control. Any collected data will be deleted after one year.

The telemetry feature collects the following data:

Agent versions


@contrast/agent 4.12.0 and later

Agent version

Operating system and version

Node.js version

Is the app running in a container (Y/N)

To opt-out of the telemetry feature, set the CONTRAST_AGENT_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT environment variable to 1 or true.

Telemetry data is securely sent to You can also opt-out of telemetry by blocking communication at the network level.