Go agent supported technologies

We support the following technologies for this agent.


Supported versions


Language version

  • 1.16.X

  • 1.17.X

Contrast follows the Go release support policy which consists of the two most recently released major versions. Support for Go language versions is shifted as new major versions are released. The application dependencies must be specified in a go.mod file.

Operating systems

  • macOS

  • Linux

The AMD64 architectures of these operating systems are supported, not the ARM versions.

Application frameworks

Go standard library

Other frameworks may be compatible at runtime with reduced functionality for certain features.

Processor architecture

The agent is tested on x86_64

The Go agent rewriter and the generated runtime may work on other architectures but is not officially supported.

Database support

Go standard library

Some third-party database libraries may be compatible but are not supported.

Dependency management system

Go mod

The agent only supports modules as a dependency system: Using Go modules. An application can be initialized with modules by running go mod init.

Module mode


The Go agent rewriter requires that an application can build successfully with the -mod=vendor flag. The application source code does not need to be using vendoring, but must be capable of being vendored.