Community Edition (CE)

Community Edition offers near full access to Contrast’s products (Assess, OSS, and Protect), with developers receiving interactive application security testing (IAST), software composition analysis (SCA), and runtime application self-protection (RASP) solutions—all for free.

Sign up for a Community Edition account and install an agent to get started. Learn more on the Community Edition blog.


Community Edition lets you add one Java or .NET Core application to Contrast.

Community Edition features

Community Edition offers:

  • Contrast Assess, which allows developers to focus only on fixing vulnerabilities derived from custom code that actually matter.

  • Contrast OSS, which delivers unparalleled visibility into and management of security risks from vulnerabilities introduced through open-source and third-party libraries

    Contrast OSS is an open-source security or software composition analysis (SCA) solution.

  • Contrast Protect, which monitors and automatically blocks attacks on applications using instrumentation from within the application— even if the vulnerability still exists in self-written code or open-source libraries.

Community Edition portal

Here's an example of the CE portal that you interact with when using Contrast:


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