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Supported technologies for the .NET Framework agent

The Contrast .NET agent supports analysis of web applications built on the following technologies.


Supported versions


.NET Framework for Windows

Application runtime version

4.5 and later

Most users are able to use the modern .NET Framework agent, even if their application targets an older version of .NET 4, due to .NET framework application compatibility.

Not supported:

  • Classic ASP

    Classic ASP applications don't run on the .NET runtime.

  • Mono runtime

    The agent uses the CLR Profiling API to instrument applications. The CLR Profiling API is a Component Object Model (COM)-based interface exposed by the CLR. Linux does not support COM. Therefore Mono does not support the CLR Profiling API and Contrast cannot support Mono.

Server runtime version

4.7.1, 4.7.2, 4.8



Web servers

  • IIS

  • IIS Express

Application frameworks

  • ASP.NET MVC 3-5

  • ASP.NET Web Forms

  • ASP.NET Web Pages

  • IIS-Hosted ASMX-based Web Services

  • IIS-Hosted Web API

  • IIS-Hosted WCF Services

  • OWIN Hosted Web API (via a Windows service or a command line application)

These frameworks are explicitly tested, however, you may still be able to analyze other applications if the framework simply wraps the typical ASP.NET classes (for example, System.Web.HttpRequest).

Not supported:

  • Analysis of .NET Framework ASP.NET Core applications (use our .NET Core agent to analyze .NET Core applications).

  • Applications running under partial trust.