Contributing to OpenDocs

Want to contribute to OpenDocs? Great! We want to make it easy so below you'll find some general guidelines to help YOU help us. Thanks in advance!

Reporting Bugs

See a problem? Use our Support Widget in the bottom right of the page to contact us via Zendesk. You can also click the Bug icon in the top navigation bar to create an issue in GitHub.

Making a Pull Request

Editing Existing Articles

To submit edits of existing content, click the Edit icon next to the article title. This will bring you to the source within the GitHub repo. Click the Edit icon again (top right) to make changes. At the bottom of the page, provide a brief description of your revisions and select Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request before selecting Commit changes. Name the branch according to its topic and Contrast will review your submission. For more information on pull requests, check out GitHub Help.

Submitting New Content

OpenDocs support documentation is comprised of markdown files. Should you want to write and submit new content, we'd like to receive it in markdown format. This GitHub Guide can get you started.

Other Open-Source Projects

We've got a handful of open-source projects here at Contrast. Use the links below to check out some of our other repositories!