Multiple Organizations

Managing Multiple Organizations

Deploy Multiple Organizations

Enterprise-on-Premises (EOP) customers can configure their system for multi-tenant support by creating more than one organization within the system. Contrast will create an initial or default organization as part of the installation process. Once complete, users with SuperAdmin credentials may create additional organizations by completing the following steps.

  • Log in to your account in the Contrast UI.
  • Navigate to the user menu > (Use Contrast Security as:) SuperAdmin > Organizations page.
  • Click the Add Organization button above the grid.
  • Supply valid information and the credentials of designated administrator of the new organization (OrgAdmin).
  • Customers making use of Contrast's Protect capability should toggle the Protection switch ON to enable it for the organization

Enable Protect

Protection can be enabled after an organization was initially created and/or licensed. In cases like these, the SuperAdmin Organizations page has a simple switch that can be toggled to enable Protection for one or more organizations.

Upon enabling Protect, the administrator will be prompted to select which users to grant these permissions to.

Switching Between Organizations

Once a user's account has access to multiple organizations through one or more organization groups, the user can move between organizations in the user Menu.

Note: Only EOP customers deploying in a multi-tenant deployment with two or more organizations can move between organizations.

To toggle between organizations, log in to the Contrast UI and go to the user menu. Under the "Use Contrast Security as:" section of the menu, choose an organization from the names listed.

Note: Each organization contains settings specific to that organization. If you're an Organization Administrator (OrgAdmin) for multiple organizations, you must use this process to switch to the organization for which you want to configure settings.