Manage Credentials


There are two important credentials for Enterprise-on-Premises (EOP) users who manage an instance of the Contrast application:


Each Contrast customer has one Hub account. When the Hub account is activated, you're issued an activation link by email, which takes you directly to change your password. (This password change is required to finish activating the account.) It's crucial that you save this password. You'll need it to log into Hub to obtain license and product updates; it's also the initial password for the default Contrast administrator account after installation. Your Hub password is encrypted inside the license file.


After Contrast is installed, you should see the following login screen for the Contrast UI.

Note: The hostname contrastserver (e.g., https://contrastserver/Contrast) should be either the IP address or hostname set up during Contrast installation.

At this login screen, the default administrator enters their Hub account credentials (email address and password) to access the UI as the default administrator account provisioned automatically during installation.

SuperAdmin access

There is a separate set of credentials for managing the Contrast application. The user with these credentials has a SuperAdmin role.

  • Username: If the Hub user account is "", the SuperAdmin convention is "".

  • Password: This password is automatically provisioned in Contrast when the license file is downloaded from Hub. You can contact Support for more information.

Learn More

For more information about roles in Contrast, such as SuperAdmin, see User Roles & Permissions.

Reset SuperAdmin


Contrast users on Windows should complete the following steps to reset the SuperAdmin password in the Contrast application.

  • Stop the Contrast Server service.
  • Launch a command prompt (cmd.exe) as an Administrator by right-clicking on cmd.exe and selecting Run As Administrator.
  • Go to the Contrast\bin directory. (On most systems, this is C:\Program Files\Contrast\bin.)
  • Enter the following command to edit the JVM options.

      notepad contrast-server.vmoptions
  • Add the following options to the file. (Replace with your email domain.)*

  • Save the file and exit Notepad.

  • Enter the following command to start the Contrast service:

      net start "Contrast Server"
  • Verify you are able to log in with the new password.

  • Enter the following command to stop the Contrast service:

      net stop "Contrast Server"
  • Enter the following command to edit the JVM options:

      notepad contrast-server.vmoptions
  • Remove the options added in the * fifth step.

  • Save the file and exit Notepad.
  • Exit the command prompt.
  • Start the Contrast Server service as normal (i.e., from the Services control panel applet).


Contrast users on Linux should complete the following steps to reset the SuperAdmin password in the Contrast application.

  • Shut down Contrast Server.
  • Open a command prompt as root. (Or open a normal terminal/shell and use sudo or su to become root).
  • Go to the $CONTRAST_INSTALLATION directory. (On most systems, this is /opt/Contrast.)
  • Type the following command:

      export INSTALL4J_ADD_VM_PARAMS="$INSTALL4J_ADD_VM_PARAMS -Dreset.superadmin=true -Dsuperadmin.username=contrast_superadmin@<> -Dsuperadmin.password=<new password>”
  • Start the contrast server by running:

      bin/contrast-server start

When the server comes up, you should be able to use the password you specified in the command line. At this point, Contrast recommends that you stop the server (bin/contrast-server stop), start it up as you normally would, and then exit the shell to clear the password from the INSTALL4J_ADD_VM_PARAMS environment variable.