Contrast Security is the provider of accurate, continuous, real-time application security for your entire application portfolio.
Contrast works within each application to make it secure during the entire development lifecycle with two products: Assess and Protect.

The Contrast agent begins securing your code by adding sensors to the entire software stack of your applications - from runtime to custom code - to directly measure vulnerabilities and attacks. Contrast Assess continuously monitors all your code, including your libraries, for known and unknown vulnerabilities, and produces accurate results without dependence on application security experts. The agent's accuracy is thanks to Contrast's patented Deep Security Instrumentation technology, which integrates the most effective elements of Interactive (IAST), Static (SAST) and Dynamic (DAST) application security testing technology; software composition analysis (SCA); and configuration analysis.

Contrast Protect blocks both automated and advanced threats attacking web applications and API, and provides valuable and timely application layer threat intelligence across the entire application portfolio. Once instrumented with Protect, applications will immediately self-report information about an attack, including the attacker, method of attack, applications affected, frequency, volume and level of compromise. Protect also provides specific guidance to engineering teams about where applications were attacked and how threats can be remediated.

To learn more about the ways that Contrast can keep your applications secure, continue reading about Assess, Protect and getting started with Contrast.